Terms and Conditions

By starting an online reservation with www.gravierskis.com and/or Gravier Ski Shop you ('the client'), and the persons listed with you as clients are entering into an equipment rental contract with Gravier Ski Shop, Morzine, and you, the client, and the persons listed with you as clients are agreeing to the following terms and conditions.

If for any reason you have to cancel part or all of a booking then please make sure you do this on your online booking overview or by sending an email to info@gravierski.com

1. Information Provided

The quality of our service (especially for chalet deliveries) will depend on the accuracy of the information provided, though we will always endeavor to provide you with the very best service even when difficulties arise.

Personal information on height, weight, age, sex, foot size, and skiing ability must be correct so that we can match the equipment as closely as possible to your needs. Incorrect information will make the fitting process longer, resulting in unnecessary waiting times for the client.

2. Payments and Refunds

Payment will be taken only once the client has been provided with the rental equipment.


Clients will be liable to pay for the equipment for the duration of days stated at the time of booking.

Any changes (deemed necessary by Gravier Ski Shop or demanded by the client) to equipment category, type or make may result in extra charges being incurred, or a refund being given, relative to the equipment provided in replacement.

We will refund the value of equipment that is no longer needed due to injury or certain unforeseen circumstances, though the decision to make a refund is ours and not the clients. It is the client's responsibility to contact Gravier Ski Shop in the first instance so that the equipment can either be returned (or collected from a chalet which it has been delivered to) so that it can be returned to the available stock in the shop.

Gravier Ski Shop reserves the right to charge according to our daily tariffs for any equipment that is not returned promptly by the client once the rental agreement period is over. Any equipment that is not returned may be considered lost or stolen and the client charged for the value of its replacement.

3. Safety and Security

We do not provide insurance for the equipment that is hired from Gravier Ski Shop. Clients must ensure that they are covered for the hire and use of snow sports equipment in an alpine environment in Europe.

The client is responsible for the equipment hired from Gravier Ski Shop for the duration of their rental agreement. Any loss or damage may result in the client being charged the value of the replacement or repair of the equipment concerned. We strongly recommend that you do not leave your equipment unattended, even for short periods of time.

Snow sports are inherently risky and accidents can result in severe injury or death. Gravier Ski Shop is in no way responsible for any accidents that may occur whilst using equipment that the client has rented from Gravier Ski Shop.

We strongly recommend that all our clients use protective helmets that are correctly certified for use in snow sports. Helmets are available to hire from Gravier Ski Shop with are thoroughly checked for damage after every use.

We endeavour to ensure that our clients are equipped with material that best suits their ability and their physical attributes and has been adjusted accordingly.

Security bindings on skis are set according to the height, weight, foot size and ability that have been provided by the client. It is important to be honest, especially about weight and ability as these will determine the setting as to when a ski will detach from the boot in the event of a fall. However, due to the influence of many factors involved in the pressures exerted on a ski during its use, or misuse, Gravier Ski Shop can in no way accept responsibility for any injuries that may occur as a result of an accident whilst using security bindings.

4. Data Protection

All information collected when booking ski or snowboard hire will be only accessible to Gravier Ski Shop staff only or you travel provider if you are booking a chalet delivery.

No information that has been collected will be shared with third parties.

No bank details will be taken in the booking process, all payments are securely taken at Gravier Ski Shop.

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